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Welcome to Billy's Goat Hill Farm
Committed to providing healthy, healing alternatives through Apitherapy!

Billy's Goat Hill Farm aka Bee Attitudes Api-Therapy Apiary, started as a dream in the heart of a young boy many years ago.

Our goal and passion is centered around being good stewards to all the blessings God has entrusted to us. 

Apitherapy ~ Healing from the Bee Hives, with Bee Venom Therapy and API-AIR treatments has delivered a drug free life for our family!

The farm has grown to include: 
  • honeybees
  • goats
  • rabbits
  • free range chickens and heritage turkeys
  • raised bed gardens
  • culinary & medicinal herbs
  • fruit tees
  • berry bushes

We also offer homesteading classes.

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Farm Store Hours
10 AM - 4 PM Saturdays

130 Timber Trail Westminster, SC 29693
Billy's Goat Hill ®  
130 Timber Trail, Westminster, SC  29693
Billy the Shepard

We believe the most important element in our farming practices is an abundant amount of TLC!